Film Links


Was at an ACU Summit panel with student filmmakers. Stayed after with Adrian Patenaude, an ACU filmmaker, and just talked about film, story, creating etc.

It was great. We promised to have a get together just to talk film in the future.

I mentioned a number of things/resources to her and promised I’d send her links, which I did, but I’ve caught myself lately having lots of resource links other’s might like, so I think I’ll makes posts for them.

The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell I always said if I made it as a filmmaker, I’d go on Elvis’ show to find out what my work was really about.

The Business Film industry insider’s guide.

FreddieW Quantity has a quality all its own. Freddie and Brandon are great examples of how good you can get if you make films every week.
The Guild on youtube Season 1 Felicia Day started the concept of Web Series for me.

Inside the Actor’s Studio on Hulu, sadly it seems there are only clips and you can only watch it on the web, but it is free.

Story by Robert McKee