Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-02

  • Texas has its own KiltedToKickCancer website. Contacting every Celtic related group in TX to get the kilted involved. #
  • Will be working out with Mistress Amy today. I'm preparing for the pain. #
  • Don't forget today is Read Comics in Public Day. #
  • Off to my first class at ACU in a very long time. Auditing Introduction to Digital Entertainment. #
  • I'm at College of Business Administration (COBA) (Abilene, TX) #
  • My dog is stupid. I just got two head wounds trying to untangle her from a cactus. Well she had no wounds, just stuck, so maybe I'm stupid. #
  • I'm at Royce and Pam Money Student Recreation Center (Abilene, TX) #
  • Updated my Livestrong page to mention my grandfather: #kiltedtokickcancer #
  • Just tried on my utilikilt style kilt I'll be wearing tomorrow. #kiltedtokickcancer #
  • #kiltedtokickcancer at church. (@ Southern Hills Church Of Christ) #

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