Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • Chicka chicka Boom Boom time. (@ Chuy's w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • Well of I wanted another kilt for kilted against cancer. (@ Things Celtic) [pic]: #
  • Legally blonde the Musical. (@ Mcmurry Theater w/ 4 others) [pic]: #
  • Doesn't open till 9am during summer on weekend but there is a 2 mile walking path around campus. [pic]: #
  • @jazzneurotic Congratulations! I know good that feels. Now gt out there and save lives and stamp out disease. in reply to JazzNeurotic #
  • Anyone know a good iPhone app the tracks your running/walking giving basic time distance and route? #
  • I was driving down to Houston today, but the model I had scheduled wrote me at 11:30 last night and wants to reschedule for Mon, 🙁 #
  • To make it worse I know the studio isnt available on Mon, but have to wait to see if she'll do Sunday anyway. Is this a pref or a need to… #
  • Medical UI. Not sure I like it, but it is different and pretty. #

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