Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • I'm at Dairy Queen (Caldwell, TX) #
  • I'm denying it to my head but my stomach knows. I'm doing my orals again at 11am. #
  • I passed my orals. Now on to NREMTP skills testing on Sat.
    One thing at a time. #
  • First thing I've eaten all day and it was goods. (@ Alwadi Mediterranean Sandwiches) [pic]: #
  • Out for a morning walk. #
  • They have steak now. (@ Cafe Express) [pic]: #
  • My allergies are wiping me out today! #
  • I'm at Taxi Taxi (Houston, TX) [pic]: #
  • You'd figure this would be where to find Vegas clothes. (@ Leopard Lounge Clothing Exchange) [pic]: #
  • I'm at American Apparel (Houston, TX) #
  • The shirt jack pot. With a vet helpful and fun staff (@ DuO) #
  • NREMT skills testing today. Culmination of 2 yrs of paramedic school. Start praying. Will be no updates because NREMT no longer allows… #
  • Winners and losers. I have to redo pedi vent. (@ La Cabaña Mexican Restaurant & Cantina) [pic]: #

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