Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

  • I passed my final. It looks like Ron is finished with Paramedic School. #
  • When one barrel just isn't enough. Gives a whole new meaning to double stack. #
  • Don't sell individual parts like LEDs or resistors but lots of cool equipment. [pic]: #
  • Diet Cherry vanilla Dr Pepper (@ Fuddruckers) [pic]: #
  • [EMSNewbie] 79 Finished Paramedic School – #EMS #
  • Just finished recording episode 79 of EMSNewbie. Sorry for the false alarm on publishing it. #
  • One last trip to the place that made me stop being a vegetarian before I move away. (@ James Coney Island) [pic]: #
  • House packe and loaded. #
  • Everything is now loaded in the truck and someone was desperate to see the house today. Which could be a great thing. #
  • One more time before we go. (@ Chuy's w/ 2 others) [pic]: #
  • On the road and first full up only half a tank. May be the most expensive fillip I've ever had. #
  • Lesbian erotica is on the shelf above String Theory for Dummies…. (@ Hastings) [pic]: #
  • I got The Game game and am going through and making an Abilene pile and a non-Abilene pile of cards. #

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