Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

  • I'm at Houston Northwest Medical Center #
  • What would a shift be without a trip to Ben Taub. First visit to the Holding Bay. (@ Ben Taub Emergency Room) #
  • Bacon wrapped hot dogs and I'm getting a hamburger. (@ Vanessa's Hot Dog Truck) [pic]: #
  • That burger makes a whopper look like diet food. The first hamburger I ever had that had ham on it. #
  • That was a call. Not that these people were happy. (@ Methodist Willowbrook Hospital) #
  • Ok people stop doing stupid shit so I can get some sleep. (@ Houston Northwest Medical Center) #
  • How do you document/describe professionally when a patient is butt ass naked? #
  • Gonna be closed Sunday from 0800-1700 to install a generator. (@ LBJ Hospital) #
  • The word of the day is Walkie Talkie. #
  • My first time at KW. (@ Kingwood Medical Center) #
  • Haven't got around to checking in here today. Maybe cuz I've spent so little time here. (@ M91) #
  • We didn't actually stop at the station just drove by & went to get fuel. Now staging for an assault that sounds like a riot in progress. #
  • I'm assuming when you document the abdomen of a patient who's 8 months pregnant, you say it is distended. 🙂 #
  • They have pretzels with bacon jam. (@ Black Hole w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • NREMT oral boards is like D&D for paramedics. They have a DM with a DM shield. Have a module for the DM. #
  • Just paid my fees for NREMT testing and TX DHSH Paramedic Licenser. I think I paid extra to be an LP instead of an EMT-P. #
  • @rescue_monkey Ego. You have to have a degree to be an LP, but the practice is the same. in reply to rescue_monkey #
  • A guy allegedly moved his family based on HTBAPHQ's info & is now working at McDonalds. My reply too snippy? #
  • @rescue_monkey It's all semantics. Both are really only certified to practice Or are they both only licensed. Only diff is the patch. in reply to rescue_monkey #
  • Nikon keeps doing it first the D4, and now at $2999 the 36.3 megapixel D800. With the clean HDMI HD #
  • This is the most used tripod I own. #
  • I just loaded my backup CDs and Zip disks to move to Abilene. Is that a significant event? #
  • Or am I seeing the beginnings of becoming a horder in my old age? #
  • [EMSNewbie] SP08 – National Test Prep – #EMS #
  • Do they still have a World's Fair? (@ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers w/ 3 others) [pic]: #

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