Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • Well I now have a talking smoke and CO2 detector, but my cordless drill's batter is dead. #
  • @mcomeslast Yeah, your right it is carbon mono oxide. in reply to mcomeslast #
  • [EMSNewbie] 74 The Final Final – #EMS #
  • First time to sit down in front of the computer today. It is a good day. #
  • @GanderMtn It was the most awesome thing ever. I'm going to right a blog post about it real soon now. in reply to GanderMtn #
  • Making major changes to one of my WordPress sites, and just realized I can have 2 versions coexist at the same time. Now should I? #
  • Just got a call asking if I could go get a physical today. Seems a little weird to have such short notice. #
  • I'm a present wrapping machine. Ashley helped. #
  • Kind of like Dumbledore #
  • Appetizers are 1/2 off 9pm to close. (@ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers) [pic]: #
  • Tomorrow morning I start my first new job in over a decade. This should be interesting. #
  • Getting my physical. (@ Dr Summers Chiropractor) [pic]: #
  • Changing my DL. (@ Department of Public Safety) #
  • Good high quality food (@ Blue taco) [pic]: #
  • The judge on the People's Court is a hottie. #
  • To open the Ambulance bay doors here you have to get a Vendor ID card. (@ Hendrick Medical Center w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • I'm at MetroCare EMS (4550 S. 3rd, Abilene) #
  • I'm at Hendrick Medical Center (1900 Pine st, Ambler, Abilene) #
  • A good buffet. (@ Pizza Inn) [pic]: #
  • Chips and queso are good (@ Cheddar's Casual Cafe) [pic]: #

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