Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • [EMSNewbie] 72 Hematology and Burn Out – #EMS #
  • My last paramedic lecture is over. #
  • The apple iPad twitter has a new and interesting UI paradigm/widget. Where does working through sliding side panels come from? #
  • Did you know someone has created videos telling – showing? – you how to pronounce words? Though this one is dangerous. #
  • is a cool site to browse for aesthetic inspiration. #
  • Tech Firm Implements Employee ‘Zero Email’ Policy – When I first saw this I thought they were crazy. #
  • Plan for the morning is to Finish up my clinical paperwork packet. If I do I'll reward myself by going to Gander Mountian and shooting. #
  • Cleaning lady is here. It was disconcerting to have someone come in the house unannounced. She only comes every 3 weeks, so I forget. #
  • How HFD responds. BLS vs ALS vs Ladder/Engine. – Found in reponse to this #
  • Just watched Battle: Los Angeles a very good movie. Why haven't I heard of it before. #
  • Also shows you can play the stereotypes and make it work. Sgt with a past about to retire. New Lt itching for combat, but loses it. Marines. #
  • Starting early today #
  • Devil's spit is sweet with a little kick. Texas pit tastes like Texas BBQ. Sweet&zesty is ketchup. [pic]: #
  • I just uploaded "118 Listener Questions" on Vimeo: #
  • It is Christmas time. (@ Mezamiz) [pic]: #
  • Special days are good to go to. Tuesday and Thursday. (@ Buffalo Wild Wings) [pic]: #
  • A simple tool that saved lives in Iraq and is now in use in the US. #
  • Since they reserve tables for large groups you might get seated quicker if there are more than 9 of you. [pic]: #
  • White Christmas. (@ Paramount Theatre) [pic]: #
  • Hot chocolate and pumpkin cheesecake at our coffee shop. (@ Mezamiz) [pic]: #
  • On the road to Houston. #
  • My favorite store to stop at on my trip. (@ Ranglers Convenience Store) #
  • Why is it I always need to pee when I get to Brennam? (@ Walmart Supercenter) [pic]: #

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