Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

  • For Labor Day I decided to do some. Blew driveway clean. Washed Velma for being a good girl. Read 1/2 gyno chapter. Now shower & shopping. #
  • This having to leave the house spotless every time you walk out makes leaving a lot slower #
  • On the ground in Vegas. Plan was 20 min early. Southwest is the bomb. #
  • Irony of the day. CPI star converts your change to bills. Then gives you change. Why not calc so the total is always even? #
  • Just went on a bibliophile bender at Borders. 60-70% off #
  • The Mac App store won't let me authenticate on this machine. Which means I can't buy an app I want. Grrrrr. #
  • Arrg! I can't find my disks for CD 5.5. And I have reinstall because I installed Lion. They made me get disks. I've got my CS5 images #
  • [Reactuate] Memorizing Makes Your Brain Bigger. #
  • Woo hoo! Found my CS5.5 disks. I was looking for then envelopes to mail @penguinEMT a Goth Swimsuit calendar and found them. No envelope tho #
  • The sun isn't up at 0600? Lazy ass. #
  • Wow, Enterprise actually only charged me $6.65 for the toll I went through in Dallas in the rental car. I expected about 5x that. #
  • @PenguinEMT Sounds like fun. And if you get down to the land of heat and humidity I'll shoot you here. in reply to PenguinEMT #
  • Know what's fun? When you have to reinstall a program before you get started creating a presentation. #
  • Going Frankel's costume to get another Kilt. Then HCEC bike medic shoot. #kiltedtokickcancer #EMS #
  • #kiltedtokickcancer again today. New kilt in red courtesy of Frankle's Costume. #
  • #kiltedtokickcancer Anyone know where I can get a large version of the K2KC logo? #
  • Now have a offical page for donating to my kiltedness. #
  • Almost forgot to print out my clincial paperwork for tomorrow and the rest of the semester. #
  • @motorcop1 Yes the shield. The biggest I could find was 200×200 on the PFC page. in reply to motorcop1 #
  • [EMSNewbie] 61 Live from Las Vegas – #EMS #
  • I don't know how they gauge it, but Confessions of an EMS Newbie is the #22 ranked Best Selling podcast in the… #

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