Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

  • Just heard that TSA is confiscating certain brands of tactical flashlights. Mainly the expensive ones like Surfire. Anyone else heard this? #
  • All I'm seeing online makes it related to the sharp front ends and falls under the "sharp objects" prohibition. #
  • I bet the IRS loves the TSA. Now the tax man is no longer the most hated government official. #
  • Do any of my EMS friend's services give Versed IN (intranasal)? Does it act faster than IM? #
  • "Multi-tasking is so 20th century." New Davis family saying. #
  • Well that was over 2 hours of study…on chapter down, another to go. #
  • OK, depositing a check via your cell phone is very 21st century and pretty cool. We live in the future. #
  • My Paramedic book had one of the best discussions of bullet ballistics I've read. Discussion of "assault" rifles, not so much. #
  • @AmboDriver Paramedic Care Vol 4 Chap 3 on penetrating trauma. in reply to AmboDriver #
  • @danbaker30 I think we should just call them rifles, and not name them based on how they look. in reply to danbaker30 #
  • @AmboDriver 3rd. AR15 & M16 are ass rifles cuz they shoot full auto. Seem to be more deadly than "domestic" rifles used for hunting. Or less in reply to AmboDriver #
  • @AmboDriver It was a little confused there. Hunting rifles has more power ballisticly, but ass rifles were deadly because of rate of fire. in reply to AmboDriver #
  • Rebooting for the sake of science. #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 33 Trauma Centers – #EMS #
  • Ron is a bad patient. Having a tooth extracted today and didn't get my prescriptions filled or taken the day before. #
  • Watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster today. Good cutting thru the hype around steroids. #
  • [EMSNewbie] SP 04 Bob Page – #EMS #

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