Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • Trying to explain why Versed has little effect on a friend, I've delved deep into pharm, which should help with my test. #
  • I hope that my children know what I actually do and at what level I do it. #
  • 300 lumins baby. Being lit by its 180 lumin little brother. #
  • Kicked some pharm math butt. Now back to Airway studying #
  • At work a little late because I wrote most of my second clinical report this morning. 5 pages and still need Rx/Treatment to write. #
  • Why do snooze buttons for go for 9 minutes? Why not 10? or 5? #
  • [EMSNewbie] Ep 26 More Conference – #EMS #
  • Learned last night we'll get PHTLS cert in the spring. Found its podcast today. #
  • Mmmm? New York pioneers pilot program in Manhattan to increase number of donations #
  • 1 is none, 2 is one, never truer than in this picture. Now I'll have 2 in my bag. Improvised Tourniquets: A Bad Idea #
  • @ssgjbroyles Yeah, I've decided the CAT is the best as well. But the SOFFT is better than a belt. in reply to ssgjbroyles #
  • First hand answer to which hurts more being shot or TAZED in the comments. #
  • IO to the sternum. FAST-1 insertion via @youtube #
  • Ron just realized he screwed up scheduling the studio. Put it in the wrong calendar on Sunday. Crap. #
  • Cool trailer for @tferris new book. I have two copies coming on release day. One I preordered and one free from Tim #
  • Time to do some practice math to get my brain the the mood for the test. #
  • Up again at 4 am. Wondering how I'll handle my overnight shift tonight with this little sleep. #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Road Hog by Alan Rencher #
  • Check this video out — Road Hog by Alan Rencher via @youtube #

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