Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04 #
  • Just rediscovered a image. Liked it and retouched it. See it on Deviant Art #
  • I want to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World, right now. #
  • [#EMS] New blog posting, Ep 5 – First Hospital Clinical – #
  • Ep 57 – Photographer Piotr Stryjewski #
  • Filling out the forms for application to the EMS advanced program. #
  • At lunch I decided to finish @AmboDriver 's book. That last chapter. You bastard. I hate crying at lunch. #
  • I love my EMT boots. I can walk through 6 inches of water and not get my feet wet. As was proved today. #
  • Word of the night Digital Trauma. Has nothing to do with computers. #
  • [#EMS] New blog posting, Real World BSI for the EMS Newbie – #
  • Try the bloody glove experiment. Real World BSI for the EMS Newbie #EMS #Blood #infection #
  • @MinimedicDave What show? We just learned them last night. in reply to MinimedicDave #
  • You know what would be cool? To do a series of BSI videos using Zombies. #
  • Internet connections are flaky ass bitches. #
  • Netfliks delivered #ems movie night. Mother juggs and speed and emergency. #
  • I have officially reached mental overload. Preparing for photographer and model podcast recording and then straight to hospital clinical #
  • 15 min interview with Irish Model cost $5 with Skype out. #
  • Here I am in all my #EMS sparky glory. #
  • Getting ready to do another recording of EMSNewbie. #EMS Then I get to go to hospital as a visitor. #

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