Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30 #
  • Back home. #
  • Ron just started the ball rolling on another podcast. If my co-host says yes. #
  • Told a 5 yr old to insure he cleans the pirate blood & guts off his sword before putting it in the scabbard. He said it was a costumes sword #
  • Went to lone star to make sure I was registered in my INSL class and there must have be 70 students waiting. #
  • I've been watching a cut of the video of my glamour workshop and noticed 2 things. 1. I was fat and 2. I covered a ton of info. #
  • Looks like the new podcast is going to be a go. #
  • Lonestar's online stuff is mediocre, but the online payment part is very efficient. Now have my Insurance class for clinical. #
  • 8 hours till Vegas. #
  • Just sent En Route by Steven Kelly Grayson Ambulance Driver to my Kindle for some nonsleepy reading on the trip. My Textbook puts me to out. #
  • @pierceray It is in reply to pierceray #
  • 2 hours 22 minutes till I start my trip. #
  • I've been told that if I see a group of men in gold spandex while in Vegas I should go the other way. Pretty much a life policy anyway. #
  • Boarding the plane. Finally. #
  • On the ground in Vegas. Now what happens here is confidential. #
  • Ep 52 Profile Reviews #
  • Just finished a great interview with the guys from Internet business mastery. #
  • I just bought a mood ring. Haven't seen those in years. #
  • Lunch at strip burger view. #
  • At the airport in Las Vegas. Feeling all the stuff I've got starting this week. #
  • In my seat. Everyone is so quite on the flight home. #

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