Sexy CPR Is Really CPR

Before it start my EMT clinical I have to take CPR for health care professionals. I found a place online to take it and was just starting to read the section on actual CPR when a office mate pointed something out in this video and I needed to rewatch it. Yes a terrible thing to have to do.

The cool thing about it was this is actually how you do CPR. It is BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR but it is what you do.

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

From my online CPR course:

“A” for Airway. Look-Listen-Feel for breathing by opening the airway using the Head Tilt-Chin Lift motion. Tilt the head with the palm of your hand, lift the chin with your fingers, and bring your cheek close to the victim’s face (don’t press your fingers under the chin too deeply). Keep your eyes on the chest to see it rise and fall (exercise shouldn’t last more than 10 seconds). Remember breaths may be faint and shallow and are not considered regular breathing.

The thing my buddy pointed out is they are wearing the two halves of each other’s lingerie. One has the black bra and the other the black bottom.