Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25 #
  • Scary image RT @LaurenWK: Just browsing Model Mayhem… #
  • Rode my bike to work this morning. Forgot my lock combo. Found a YT video on how to pick it. Now I know the combo. #
  • @bairdduvessa Amen brother. She is stealing the show. The new Dr is lame. in reply to bairdduvessa #
  • Just went up to Kingwood College and found out I have to have an ACU transcript before I can sign up for the EMT course. #
  • Just read a Tony Horton rant with a very simple, but strict diet. But I still may do it. #
  • Steak and Potato Kebabs with Creamy Cilantro Sauce for Two #
  • Feels weird to be ordering a transcript from my college 17 years after I last went there. But I need proof I took eng and math. #
  • Sadly not in Houston RT @fleurdeleigh: Read about my challenge to #togs in the US: // via @juliaboggio #
  • They are looking for photographers to capture a running nun for charity. (Boy that sounds… #
  • Shoot Running Nun #
  • If hearing your new gun will ship this week makes your day, you may live in Texas. #
  • If you measure distance in hoursday, you may live in Texas. #
  • If the speed limit is 55 mph — you're goin 80 and everyone is passing you, you may live in Texas. #
  • If you understand these jokes and share them with all your friends, you definitely live in Texas. #
  • I need a makeup artist for Saturday. #
  • @bwebster Al says he's in if you want to order some shirts. in reply to bwebster #
  • Ep 47 – Model Zinn Star #
  • Thoughts on Flash by Steve Jobs #
  • Am I weird that I kibitz grip for actors on TV holding guns. #
  • I think I've finally got everyone scheduled for tomorrows shoot. New model, should be fun. #
  • And 10 minutes later my model cancels. Family emergency out of town. It is dangerous to be related to a model. #
  • Awesome RT@tonyrobbins 73 year old grandma is killer body builder,& runs 80 mil a week & in better shape than at 40! #
  • My live is going to be CRAZY busy in June. It is insane. What am I thinking? #
  • Vegas baby. Just booked my flight for the beginning of June. #

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