Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07 #
  • @iamthescarlett Bruce Campbell is going to be in town Mar 26 at comicpalooza. #
  • Recording new interviews for the podcast tonight. Been so long since I've done it I forgot what questions we ask. 🙂 #
  • @richardtallent I agree. I'd by the iPad day one if it @lightroom one it. But given Apple and Adobe's love for each other… in reply to richardtallent #
  • Decided to go through my address book and clean it up some. Found people I haven't talked to in decades and then found them on Facebook. #
  • DIY Portable Power for Strobes Monolights Vegabond II Alien Bees Build your own #
  • The new Karate Kid is all about Kung Fu. Is that legal? 🙂 #
  • @danbaker30 Jackie Chan is Mr Miagi. Trailer looks like a very diff movie. Set in China. in reply to danbaker30 #
  • Doing interviews and it is the photographers that are flaking tonight #
  • Patriots Review #
  • [Reactuate] Patriots Review #
  • Start't the interview'n #
  • 3 great skype to skype interviews tonight. Ron blooper of the day, "…until next week, keep creeping beautiful models." #
  • Ep 40 – Photographer Dawn of House of Ego #
  • Pandora just served up a song off the album Goth: Industrial Club Anthems. Just thought you'd like to know. #
  • We are having technical difficulties with this week's episode of the podcast. We'll get them fixed soon. #
  • It is an incredibly beautiful day. #
  • Looks like our technical problems are fixed. So go download our interview with Dawn of House of Ego. #
  • Question of the Day: —>How do you answer your personal phone.? <— I answer "Hello, this is Ron." #
  • @wizwow I don't know would cut down on people calling you. But you probably won't get many dates from it. 🙂 in reply to wizwow #
  • @wizwow We should have you on the podcast. Always interested in softandfuzzy photographers. 🙂 #
  • Spending some time in Azeroth #
  • Putting the first to Oz book and Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom on my Kindle before taking both my boys to give blood for the first time #

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