Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14 #
  • This ain't right. Snuggie for people is bad enough. #
  • I've decided I don't like being a blood elf after a quest requiring me to assassinate a dwarf. I'm back to being alliance. Dark Elf Druid. #
  • Guy #1 Yo, why haven't you followed me on Twitter yet?Guy #2 Man, I don't even pay attention to you when you talk! #
  • Via the Mrs. This site is hilarious. Overheard in NYC. #
  • Just thought about a model "Dang she's pretty. I may not like her, but she's pretty." #
  • Tonight getting some stuff done and NOT playing WOW it it is. #
  • Just spent an hour making a Screenflow video and when I went to save at the end I wouldn't. Should have done that update first. #
  • Luckily I could do an export, so I have the finished video, just not the SC project. #
  • I figured out which clip wasn't Qualtizied correctly and deleted it. Then it saved. So I have the project. #
  • @richardtallent Panels aren't really the issue, they last forever. If better come out, buy more. Its the batteries that have to be replaced. in reply to richardtallent #
  • Digging through backed up P&M email. Have given feed back on two new model/photog networking site today. One looks really good. #
  • All P&M email handled. #
  • Is it still bubble tea if it doesn't have tapioca in it? Having a little afternoon cream tea. #
  • I think I like Bing maps better than google maps. #
  • Rereading greatest work of high fantasy ever, the Deed of Paksenarrion. New book in that world is coming out March 16. #
  • @emoontx U R welcome. DofP got paladins and God's relationship 2 man so right. Stared with Book 2 this time. Its a great book to return to. in reply to emoontx #
  • Life is sometimes frustrating. #
  • Just watched the movie Moon. A very original SF movie. Sam Rockwell awesome as ever. #
  • Update top Podcast Fav list. With @Model_Melissa entering at #3 #
  • Off to shoot commedian and actor Evan King's headshot. #

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