Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • [Reactuate] Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13 #
  • I forget how bad work internet sucks. Monday mornings remind me. #
  • Model Photography: What is It? #
  • @bwebster That's possible, but he's got the same problem. He blames the sites that don't work of course. in reply to bwebster #
  • @bwebster It's not every site. Some are fine others are unusable. Like Google maps for instance. So Google must have a problem. in reply to bwebster #
  • Firefox auto fill on mac is broken. #
  • @jmuscara Websurfing is an integral part of code writing. Eveyone knows that. in reply to jmuscara #
  • How to Model : Smiling Tips for Model Photo Shoots #
  • Good night, there are over $50 of taxes on a car rental in Houston. #
  • @JonWarrenPhoto A week. It looks like much of the tax is just a flat fees. in reply to JonWarrenPhoto #
  • @jasonvo Not really. If the content is interesting they won't notice if it is HD. in reply to jasonvo #
  • Surpriesed a co-worker when she walked by the office and I was showing another co-work the AR-15 I have here for a photoshoot tonight. #
  • Hey my accountant got my Franchise Tax return filed. #
  • Another co-worker told her.."Don't you feel safer here today?" (She meant the positive). I love Texas. #
  • Don't know why, but this add cracked me up. #
  • 4 Creative Projects that Bend the Reality of Street Scenes #
  • I could survive for 57 SECONDS after kicking a bear in the balls from @oatmeal #
  • Modern Fitness Standards: #
  • If someone retweets in the new style, do you see it in your Mentions column in TweetDeck? #
  • Just added a bunch of new photographers to my follow list because of the photogs on twitter flickr group. #
  • Hugh Laurie vs Ellen: the British vs the American Idioms Really Funny. #
  • 2009 in photos #
  • RT @iamthescarlett: Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies, it's true. LOL #
  • Grab the Quick Reference PDF on Best Practices for Digital Workflow. #
  • @iamthescarlett You said herpes…. 🙂 in reply to iamthescarlett #
  • Off to a photoshoot. Girl, gun (AR-15), Dreadlocks, nudity, punk, fetish, @zivity. Should be interesting. 🙂 #
  • Publishers don't get it and are doomed. Stephen Covey's digital rights deal with Amazon startle New York publishers #
  • Shoot was fun last night. Lots of images. #
  • Had a great shoot with Jennifer Frnka last night. Only problem is there are too many great images. 🙂 #
  • For the person who has everything….Private Ninja Lessons #
  • @pgshooter They'll probably just think they need more PS now to look like Avatar. Kind of like all the Sin City knock offs. in reply to pgshooter #
  • Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian. #
  • Does posting a party invitation on your facebook wall = inviting all your FB friends? #
  • Our mattress is done and will be delivered on Monday. Woot. #
  • New 4HWW is waiting for me at home. #
  • @artistatlarge Hi, @wampoline . in reply to artistatlarge #
  • My producer just finished the podcast post for this week. Great that I don't have to do this stuff anymore. #
  • More Pixie In Red #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Improved bootleg CD envelope folding howto video #
  • Episode 28 – Photographer Ian X #
  • @ian_x In case you missed it, your episode is live. #
  • @ian_x I fixed them. First episode with new producer. in reply to ian_x #
  • It is amazing how much you can miss when writing a procedure list. Seemed complete to me but was woefully inadequate. #
  • @TreyRatcliff Sure Trey. I'll stop for an hour. No more tweets. Really….I can quit any time. in reply to TreyRatcliff #
  • I get to shoot a fine art figure model who is an experienced ballet dancer tomorrow and I have no idea what I'm going to do. #
  • @jeremyfrandsen Do you mean something like VIDBlaster? Here's a video from @shwood in reply to jeremyfrandsen #
  • @Model_Melissa That's a good start. in reply to Model_Melissa #
  • Post like my last one is why you keep an inspiration and idea file. I now have a couple of ideas. One that has been in my head for awhile. #
  • Some of these are so wrong. The Guild Sells Out! #
  • @jb_photography I use @evernote -well for everything- but specifically I have a note book of inspiration images and idea notes. in reply to jb_photography #
  • @alyshanett Visually stunning and gave me ideas for a shoot tomorrow. in reply to alyshanett #
  • @VampireKitten That is 52 seconds of my life I will never get back. in reply to VampireKitten #
  • Just made reservations at the melting pot for Saturday. @iamthescarlett will be jealous. #
  • @pgshooter Thanks and a great article that goes with your mentions. Every one read this : #
  • Ron added 'Vorpal Blade': Ron gave 4 stars to: Vorpal Blade (Looking Glass, #2)
    John Ringo #
  • Ron added 'The Hero': Ron gave 3 stars to: The Hero (Posleen War, #5)
    John Ringo #
  • Ron added 'Live Free or Die': Ron gave 4 stars to: Live Free or Die (Hardcover)
    John Ringo #
  • Ron added 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War': Ron gave 4 stars to: World War Z: An Oral History of th… #
  • JACOBthePHOTOGRAPHER Model Photoshoot & photoshop #
  • Last night at the shoot I was explaining what I was going for and Pixie goes, "Oh, Tank Girl". "Yeah, Tank Girl." And I think we hit that. #
  • Valley of the Damned by DragonForge via Pandora kind of rocks. #
  • Preview image from my gun shoot with Pixie for @zivity #
  • @bdebauchery Did you know you were mentioned by @ian_x on my podcast this week? You can here it here: in reply to bdebauchery #
  • Pixie Dark #
  • @jeremyfrandsen I'll be interested to see how you use it. I expect an Academy video on it. 🙂 in reply to jeremyfrandsen #
  • Josh Gooden, photog/cinematog, Watch the Emily Video HT: @lensflare35 #
  • Grabbing some lunch before shooting figure model dancer Hope Hoffman this afternoon. Themes Fine Art Figure with Color and Pull. #
  • Seems like 90% of my lighting keeping light off the background. #
  • Every time I listen to @tferriss I think of new metrics to check. Figured out something sig on opt-in location. Watched #
  • Go vote. RT @photojack: pretty cool list of photography Podcasts from todays poll! (have to click "see results") #
  • Trying to pick my top 10 images for 2009. Getting to top 17 was mostly easy. Top 10 hurts. #
  • Top 10 picked and ordered. Now time to put on the suit and go to Handel's Messiah. #
  • At the studio's Fine Art workshop. #
  • @pgshooter Check out my pinup product. Http:// aff info linked off the bottom. #
  • Money doesn't change you; it reveals who you are when you no longer have to be nice. @tferris #
  • My first @zivity set is now life. Body Art & Milk. #
  • 4 Kinds of Tired And How To Fix Them #
  • Fromatting a new page for Pinup workshop. Also exported my 10 favorite images of 2009 so I can create blog posts about them. #

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