Twitter Updates for 2009-11-23

  • Why I'm Going to Shoot For @zivity #photography #modeling #photo #
  • Just sent a note to the Director of the Revolve Dance company telling her how much I enjoyed the show Saturday. #
  • @JreneeSashay If someone is offering that much for one nude shoot, I'd worry. That's more the rate for a sex scene in porn. in reply to JreneeSashay #
  • Yes. Yes. Yes. If you click hide on a entry on Facebook it blocks the APP and not the person. Whoo Hooo no more Mafia Wars crap. Or farmvill #
  • Arrg I move a whole schedule around to end on a certain day and now someone moved it. Or I can choose to skip something I wanted to do. #
  • @EJIVI If you mean facebook. Go to your wall. Find an offending post. Put your mouse over it and HIDE command will appear. Click. in reply to EJIVI #
  • Janet's Eye #
  • Churrasco's on Westimer & Shepard called today and gave me a free Tres Lechie cake for thanksgiving for being a long time customer. #
  • Just sent out message requesting interviews with models for the next batch of P&M podcast. #
  • @cyantist Thanks cyan. in reply to cyantist #

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