Twitter Updates for 2009-11-18

  • Maren Kate Corner Couch Images #
  • @jeffcrossphoto Had an internal server error and I think it happen in the middle of a transaction. DB looked weird after that. in reply to jeffcrossphoto #
  • @jeffcrossphoto Getting ready to write an article for the blog next week called "Why I'm Shooting for Zivity". Should be out Monday. in reply to jeffcrossphoto #
  • Maren Kate Colorful Background #
  • @cyantist What's your title at Zivity? I'm writing an article and wanted to get it right. #
  • Is serieses the plural of series? #
  • Productive morning. Now to check email. Correlation or Causality? #
  • Just made my first trip to a photography forum in a long time. You'd think I'd do it more often. in case you were wondering. #

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