I’m Excited About My Kindle 2.0


As I posted a few weeks ago, my wife ordered me a Kindle for my birthday in mid January. But they were back ordered until the end of Feburary.

Well if you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that yesterday Amazon announced the Kindle 2.0.

I got an email yesterday from Amazon telling me that I’d get version 2 without doing anything.

It got me excited about Kindle all over again. I was surfing around Baen’s ebook store looking for titles I was going to add to my Kindle when I got it. I’m currently rereading The Game in paper form and its the only book on my list that isn’t in Kindle format. Which is too bad.

I think one of the reasons, there is no Kindle version is the book has cool illustrations that the author might think would look like crap on the Kindle. Maybe K2 will help with that, since it has 16 shades of grey where K1 had 4. Since the images are black and white line drawings anyway, seems 16 should be enough.

Already being on the list implies to me I’ll be one of the first to get one. They seem to anticipating meeting the need, and are currently taking pre-orders.

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  1. MattjDrake says:

    I am getting interested in this product as well. The last one didn’t look all that nice, but this update seems interesting to me. It would be so nice to be rid of paper books…

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