Why Women Should Carry

My wife called me a couple of minutes ago and says, “I was in an accident. An Expedition hit me.” Click. Hang up or dropped call.

Call back. No answer.

A few minutes later she calls back and gives me the details, starting with “They were going to give me a ticket, but they didn’t.”

According to what she said here’s what happen. She’s in the left lane. The right lane comes to an end. She lets one car in, and an Expedition decides he deserves to come into her lane too. She gets as far to the left as she can to avoid him, but he comes into contact with her car.

The police officer says it is her fault because there is a scratch on “the back” of his car.

Now the only thing scratched on her car is her mirror. The scratch can’t be on the rear of his car, which would mean she rear-ended him. So how is it her fault?

Now to the carrying part. She said the guy was standing over her when she leaned into her car to get out her insurance card. To me this is a classic attempt to intimidate her.

Well her card is in her purse. In her purse is a Springfield XD 9mm. Well her card is in her glove box. In her glove box is a Springfield XD 9mm.She said it was obvious he saw it. And guess what? He backed off.

This is why women need CHLs. He may have been aggressive and attempted intimidation, but that ended when he realized she was armed.

She was trained at FrontSight and could take care of herself. Though she seemed not to think about it being anyone else’s fault but her own. Needs a little assertiveness training.

The guys did ultimately tell the cop not to give her a ticket and he’d just file it with his insurance. Good for him because I don’t see how it could have been her fault and I would have so taken it to court if it came to that.


  1. Susan says:

    Doh! I can only imagine his reaction!

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  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m just glad she’s okay. Gotta love Houston drivers – especially ones in large vehicles.

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