Best Premium WordPress Theme Deal

My wife has three blogs. And the amount of content she puts out through those three blogs is amazing. One is specifically targeted to teachers of college English and she wanted it to look really good. She looked through all the free themes she could find, but nothing was all that good.

I had heard about Thesis theme from CopyBlogger. It was made by the same person who did Cutline, which was Reactuate’s theme for years.

But she just couldn’t bring herself to spend the money. That’s my job in the family. Still she has three blogs, that would be $300. Plus I’m looking for a new theme for Distinctions For Life, and Thesis might be flexible enough for that too. There is another $99.

That starts to add up.

So today I decided I’d go look at the license to see if there was a way around that price. Well there is. The developer’s program lets you use Thesis on a many blogs as you have.

For less than the price of 2 personal licenses.

Just $164.

So if you have a lot of sites and you want a high quality theme,

that is easily customizable

optimized for search engines

with CSS and HTML layout

go get Thesis.

And they are running a special deal till the end of August where you get there next their included in the package.