StumbleUpon Can Hurt Your Site….


…it can help it alot too.

So I’m very interested in anything that will attract traffic to my new site Distinctions For Life. I recently found a course on using StumbleUpon to get lots of traffic. I’m on lesson 3 and she just told me something every blogger should know.

Basically if you stumble a bunch of pages on a single site, without stumbling many other sites, StumbleUpon assumes the site is spamming and punishes the site. It punishes the stumbler as well, but to me the significant thing is the site suffers. Possibly to the point of being banded from StumbleUpon, which just happen to ProBlogger a couple of days ago.

I just going to quote her warning here.

It works in the form of a ratio. All sites that you submit / thumb up are tracked and the more you submit from one domain the weaker it becomes. This is the diminishing returns effect that I described in lesson 2. Now of course this happens for all stumbles meaning that if you continually thumb up posts from your favourite blog, as nice as that is, if you are not also using the toolbar in a natural way those votes will not count for much.

Just an FYI. I don’t think most of us are in much danger, but it’s important to keep this in mind.