Vote Andre Rene Again

I spent a couple of hours last night shooting and editing a comment for the Andre Rene voting. When I went to bed last night she was way ahead, but right now she is behind by 1 vote. Someone may be stuffing the ballot box.

Go Vote Andre Rene

Here is my video comment from Seesemic. I used CamTwist and SoundFlower to get the shot video into the comment.

Seesemic is interesting. It isn’t so much a video sharing site, as a video forum if you will. The whole idea is to start threads of comments and follow-up video comments.

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  1. Andy DeSoto says:

    Loved the video! I am working on one I hope to have out in the next day or two myself– also in favor of Ms. Rene. Thought the episode was great and your video skills showed prowess!

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