Vote Andre Rene Again

I spent a couple of hours last night shooting and editing a comment for the Andre Rene voting. When I went to bed last night she was way ahead, but right now she is behind by 1 vote. Someone may be stuffing the ballot box. Go Vote Andre Rene Here is my video comment from…

Vote Andrea Rene

I’ve been following the search for a new Mahalo Daily host for awhile now and already had a favorite before today’s episode. Lucky for me the gun toting babe was the cute redhead Andrea Rene I was already rooting for.

She chose as her audition episode topic “How to shoot a gun”. While we didn’t learn much about how to shoot, it was fun watching a totally new shooter doing it for the first time. Her “Mahalo” in the final credits is worth watching the whole video.

Natural Is Not Optimal

A few days ago I went down the hall to a coworkers office for some conversation. We got to talking about holsters and drawing from them. I was explaining how when you draw from the hip, you draw the gun straight up from the holster, and then pivot it forward right next to your body. Then you push the gun out toward the target.

My non-gunner friend commented “That just doesn’t seem natural.”

Which is isn’t.

I explained the reasons for doing it this way, but the comment stuck in my head for later contemplation.