Review: Southland Tales

If you follow my twitter feed you know last night I watch Southland Tales on DVD. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a few months because I like a lot of the cast, Sarah Michelle Geller, The Rock, Seann William Scott and many more. Plus I’d heard good things about the director from a filmmaker POV, but by the time I’d heard of the movie it was almost out of theaters and not on DVD. So it went into the top of my Netflix que.

It came in yesterday and I was thrilled. Here were my twitter in the movie comments.

Watching southland tales. So strange. But SMG is hot in stripper heels.
Goth national athem was kind of cool. Not really goth but cool
I could never come up with this. Thus stuff is too weird.
Is SMG married.
You Got To Be Kidding Me!!!!!
Movie is over in case you couldn’t tell. That last tweed was the ending.

For the record I later remember she is married to Freddie Prince Jr. Not sure why I wondered during the show.

The Bad

You want the bad news first, right? The story isn’t completely explained and you wonder what is going on for a long time. Then it is over.

It is very, strange.

It is somewhat political, with the bad guys the Republicans. They are the bad guys, but I’m not sure anyone is the good guys. So take that as you want.

Abilene does not have that many trees. I lived there and really don’t think the opening scene was shot in Abilene. Plus a nuke would take out the whole town. There is a major AFB there, where all the B1 bombers are based. I also doubt people would stand in their yard looking at the mushroom cloud – which would have to be way away from town for what they showed. Plus everyone outside would probably be blind and have flash burns at that distance. OK, enough survivalist nitpicking.

The Good

I can’t get this movie out of my mind. I sent it back this morning, but I’m thinking I may want to watch it again. My rule is pretty much to buy any DVD I want to watch again, so this may be a buy.

It is beautifully shot. The animations all through the movie are very interesting and well done.

The Rock is awesome, giving a great performance. I’m more impressed with him every time I see him in a film. As I said in my Tweet SMG looked hot in the stripper shoes and I hate stripper shoes. Forgot how short she is, even in those 6 inch heels.

The idea behind he story is very ambitious. The kind of concept you rarely see attempted in film, but more common in novels where you can spend 10 pages setting it up. The voice over at the beginning tried, but didn’t really seem to cover it and took you out of the movie.

Overall I have to say I liked it even though it was uber strange.

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  1. patrick says:

    Dwayne Johnson and J.Timberlake are surprisingly talented actors; but i’m still trying to figure out what Southland Tales was about… maybe it’s: life is blurred, clutter, flashy and not always meaningful.

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