OMTL Day 27: Starfish


I know I’m missing a few days. I did read them, but didn’t get a chance to blog them.

Today is about not living safly. Safety and comfort are very high values of our culture and society, but God calls us to take risks in order to do great things and make a difference.

How important is comfort to you at this stage of your life?

Right now in my life it seems like I’ve been sleeping on a too soft mattress for a long time. It felt so good, and still does, but my back is hurting and I’ve got things to do. I’m less concerned with comfort than safety. Not taking risks is a big thing that holds me back, but I think I’m starting to be willing to do it. I’m starting to think, “I should just change for the sake of shaking things up.”

How often do you let opportunities pass you by because your contribution feels too small?

Don’t know if you have heard the starfish story, but that’s the context of this question. I know I do this some. Feel like my little contribution isn’t worth making because it isn’t big.