SXSW -3 Days

Just a few more days till I’m off to Austin for the South By Southwest Film Festival. I’ve got mixed feelings about it. In one way I’m excited, in another I’m already feeling disappointed. And lonely.

Here’s a long shot. I wish I had some other people to share the experience with. So if anyone reads this blog post and wants to hook up in Austin for the festival let me know. I’m not real keen on video blogs shot on the built in iSight camera, but I think I’ll make one on YouTube and post it as well.

I can be something of a native guide to Austin. Lived there a number of years and know my way around. I’ll also have car, so I can help an out of towner with that. My plan is to park it each day at the convention center and walk to the closer theaters for films.

I’ll be arriving on Friday around 5 or six. I need to get registered and registration ends at 8 PM. There is only one film I want to see that night, Second Skin at 9PM.

I’m going to Fellowship of the Woodland’s I2 conference Friday morning, so I’m not leaving Houston till around 2 or 3. But Fellowship is closer to Austin than home is, so that gives me a head start.