OMTL Day 19: Metamorphosis

Inner change is the subject of this chapter. Like butterflies it is the change on the inside that turns us from caterpillars.

When was the last time you were still?

I’ve been still a number of times in the last couple of weeks with this study. Specifically I remember coming in from a run, the boys still in bed, the wife already gone to school. I sat down with the OMTL book, read and then just sat and thought about what was going on. This morning I prayed as well.

Presently, what person or persons are you serving who can offer you nothing in return?

I can’t think of anyone. My service is mostly to church, but I feel I get something from that. My service is also to my family, but I get something from that. I don’t know of anyone whom I serve who can’t give back, or at least whom I expect no reward for.

I few months back, after reading Divine Conspiracy, I was practicing Jesus’ commands to give to anyone who asks. That was serving people expecting nothing in return. I’ve gotten away from that. Beggars make me nervous again, because I feel I have to qualify them before I can give to them. Instead I need to re-realize I’m giving to God and he’ll take care of it.