OMTL Day 18: Hurricanes


Today’s lesson is about change. How it is a part of life and how biblical principles can help us deal with it. The text is the story of Paul in the storm of Acts 27.

What do you consider the happiest season of your life? How often do you find yourself wishing you were back in it? How does your present season of life compare to it? Is nostalgia causing you to miss out on present opportunities?

The two times I would think of nostalgically were undergrad in college and when we went to Hope Chapel in Austin. I don’t think about wanting to be back there alot, though Hope came up Monday night when the elders from my son’s church, my old church, came to visit to ask us why we left. But I also remember the pain of one of those broken small groups there. I remember crying in my dorm room about some girl related thing. I know not everything was roses back then, so I don’t think it keeps me from opportunities today.

What tangible “cargo” have you lost in one of life’s hurricanes?

I’m not positive I even understand the question. I don’t remember losing tangible items in any of life’s hurricanes. In my life the hurricanes were generally medical problems with family members, my wife at both childbirths, myself when I got pneumonia. Didn’t lose material possessions.