OMTL Day 15: Last Call


I was so hoping for a bar based metaphor, but alas it was about telephones.

Right now in your life do you have a relationship in which the lines of communication are really breaking down?

Nope. Do need to call my grandmother though.

Do you consider yourself a good listener? What prevents you from listening more closely to those you care about?

My wife and I have been excited over new possibilities this last week. We’ve talked to each other a lot about them. Only problem is I know I’m mostly thinking about what I’m going to say in when she stops talking. Which is bad. The two things were excited about are different. Hers is finding a job at a four year college and teaching new courses. Mine is filmmaking. Seems sometimes we just take turns talking about these things at each other. I need to listen more.

Look through the speed-dial on your cell phone. Whom do you consider the most important? How often do you call them compared to the others on the list?

My wife is first on the list and I’ve talked to her on the phone at least 5 times today. I’ve talked to no one else. So I guess I talk to her a lot.