OMTL Day 4: Power Surge


The power surge is based on being connected to God. Jesus says he is the vine and we are the branches. He is our source of energy.

One concept I like was to stop focusing on spiritual growth and focus on spiritual health. Healthy things naturally grow. To be spiritually healthy we need to be connected to our Creator. Connected to the vine. Growth will naturally happen as a result.

In what area of your life are you struggling the most to change? Are you trying to change with willpower or God’s power?

I’d say getting physically fit, developing daily spirituality, and doing what needs to be done without putting it off. Pretty much all of these are on my will power.

Though just doing OMTL is developing a daily spirituality. Maybe not as spiritual discipline focused as I wanted, but I’m reading daily, meditating on spiritual things, and journaling. Haven’t done that in awhile. Journaling never for even a week, and I’m on day 4 right now.

What are some ways you’ve seen God prune areas of your life? What has been the result of His cuts into your life? Where are you still waiting to see results?

This is a tough one for me to get a handle on. The teaching is based on John 15:1-5, where Jesus is talking about our being the branches and he the vine. The gardener prunes the branches that bear fruit. We don’t think about God pruning those that are bearing fruit. I’ve never grown grapes, but I’ve been involved with other fruit bearing trees and roses. In those cases you have to trim back perfectly good branches, even cut off buds, to ensure that the fruit that is finally borne is big and full.

I’ve seen a bunch of things in life were I had to choose between good and best. That’s where I see this pruning taking place. I don’t know where I’m still waiting for results right now.

What are the current barriers to spiritual health in your life?

Just remembering to do it is a big thing. Pastor Kerry talks about having a conversation all through the day with God. I kind of just forget he’s there to talk to.

He also talks about confession, how we should just say to God “I messed up” and ask for forgiveness. And we shouldn’t wallow in it. There was a time right after I read The Divine Conspiracy, where I could do this easily. I don’t know if it is harder now, or if I’ve lowered my standards, or if I’m just forgetting. But I need to get back to it.