“Spend More Time With My Family”

After reading my wife’s interaction with the material in One Month To Live – (like a Hatfield interacts with a McCoy) – I got to thinking about something.

I’ve asked a number of people the questions “What would you do if you only had one month to live?” The top answer has to be “spend more time with my family/friends/kids”.

What does that mean?

Obviously means you think you aren’t spending enough time with them now, or you wouldn’t say “more” time. But set that aside for a minute. If I didn’t work and was home all day, – because everyone says they would quit their jobs too – what would I do with my boys?

This is a good point about the material by the way. It’s a simple question but the more you attempt to actually apply it, the deeper the question goes.

To answer my own question, “I don’t know.” My boys don’t like to do anything, but surf the internet, watch TV and occasionally play video games or go to church. I watch TV with them, though not really what they watch. I could just sit in the same room with them while they surf the internet and wait for them to want to tell me something, or show me a cool site. They do do that regularly if I’m in the room with them.

Pastor Kerry says he meets with his boys weekly and talks to them “to see where they are coming from” or “keep up with what is going on in their lives”. I’m not sure how that works either. Our family eats out a lot. When we do we often talk about stuff. I’m not sure that’s really getting to know them better. Maybe it is and I just expect something different.

They don’t want to go experience anything new. Don’t want trips or adventures. So if I were dying and wanted to visit Europe, they’d to it for me. But if they were dying I don’t think there would be anything they’d want to do.

Guess we’ll find out as they are going to be part of the the study too.