Peter Was One of Those Pastors

I was searching to see if there were any other blogger doing One Month to Live and ran across another pastor cutting into Pastor Kerry for having too big a church. Actually he was angry because he got a mailing from Kerry offering the OMTL program to his church, which greatly offended him.

In the rant – which he confessed to greatly regretting having to make before going on for hundreds of words – he made the usual arguments against mega churches. That they were “a mile wide and an inch deep”. (Which coincidentally I heard was the theme of my old church’s sermon on Sunday. Must have been in Big Church Haters weekly this week).

OK I’m getting a bit snarky. I’ll try to be good.

When someone says “the church doesn’t need any more growth” I have to wonder if Jesus thinks that way. Then I wondered how big is a “mega-church”. So I asked Google. It “generally refers to any Protestant congregation with a sustained average weekly attendance of 2000 persons or more in its worship services. ”

Wow, that seems pretty low. But it does mean that the apostle Peter was a pastor of one of those megachurches.

Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day. – Act 2:41

I was always taught that when a crowd was counted in the bible they didn’t include women and children. Don’t know if this was the case here, but 3K is plenty to make it a mega church with out doubling the number.

That wasn’t enough growth for God though because in verse 47 “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

Of course we really can’t blame Peter for thinking big numbers were good. I mean Jesus kept preaching to these crowds of thousands.(Matt. 14:13-21) So I guess he was one of those people just desiring big numbers.

The thing I most don’t understand about the megachurch haters, and the thing that most frustrates me. People are getting SAVED at these big churches. They are coming to Jesus. They are going to heaven when they die. Why are you against that? Because they all go to one church? Looks pretty biblical to me.

Fellowship of the Woodlands had more people get baptized in a service last month than the church of Christ I went to for 6 years had baptized the entire time I was there. They are having another baptism service this month for people who couldn’t make the last one. It should be noted they do not baptize people to become members. They require baptism as an adult as part of salvation.

There are few things that make me frustrated and angry like this. Lord, please grant me peace and understanding in this.