Navy Firearms Training


Got one of my weekly emails from FrontSight offering their current deal. The thing that made it blogworthy was the included letter from a Navy Petty Officer about their firearms training.

Speaking only for myself, my firearms training is limited to what I received in boot camp, which was two hours of classroom instruction, two hours of simulator practice, firing 48 rounds on the M9 service pistol and only 3 rounds(!) on the M870 shotgun.

He says that if they are going to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan they are sent to school that is “basically Army boot camp” so they can get the training they need.

His email to Dr. Piazza was in response to the offer they are running right now. Basically you pay for a Challenge Membership and you get 5 for free. He words it another way, where you are paying for 4 and getting 2 free, but it seems like the other way around. The only caveat is that at least one of the memberships has to be given to a member of the military or reserve.

We have a friend, used to babysit my boys, who is now at the Air Force Academy and this would be a cool gift for him. If we had $5000 for it.

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  1. Linoge says:

    As always, the problem with Front Sight is not the quality of the training, but rather the associated cost. I mean, sure, if you were in the Navy and could get five of your buds together, that would be a hell of a bargain. And, yeah, I know they offer specials, but even those are still in the “expensive” range, at least for someone like me.

    ‘Course, since it seems as though I may be headed back to the East Coast, maybe I should bite the proverbial bullet while I am still out here…

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