Tex-mex Cheese Burgers

Discovered the StartCooking.com video blog a couple of days ago and saw this great recipe for Tex-Mex Cheese Burgers and had to try it.

Since I can’t leave a comment with either Firefox or Safari, I’m writing a post reviewing the burgers.

The flavor is great on the burgers. The sauce is good too, but can overwhelm the burger if you put too much on it. I put a little over a tablespoon on mine. Having the cheese – specifically the Mexican cheese – gives a great subtle flavor. It tastes Mexican without tasting hot.

I made two changes. I used a red onion because I had half a one already and it added bite and flavor. I also left the ketchup out of the burgers because the Mrs is allergic to it. But there isn’t much of the red stuff in the burger itself and there is plenty in the sauce.

Only caveat I would give is cooking 4 minutes to a side over medium high heat will leave the burgers plenty rare. Now I like my meat that way but the Mrs would find them way to red.


  1. startcooking says:

    Thanks Ron for such a great review of my Tex-Mex Cheese Burgers! I love making these videos (and burgers!) but it’s a ton of work. Positive feedback is always appreciated. 🙂
    Cheers! Kathy

  2. justin says:

    Hi, I’m the webmaster for startcooking.com, we are aware of the problem with safari (and are working on a new text editor), but we are unaware of the problem with firefox… can you let me know what happened when you tried to make a comment?

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Ron says:


    In FireFox Mac I went to comment and when I clicked in the name field I got a blinking cursor, but couldn’t type anything. Tried the other fields and the same thing happen.

    I just went back from work and was able to type (v I was working on my wife’s computer at home and I doubt her Firefox is up to date. I can find out what version she is using if you think it would help.

  4. justin says:

    I’m passing you over to our tech director, Colin Vernon, he’ll be in touch… (I can’t figure out the problem… but he’s great, and should be able to help you).

    Thanks so much for helping us debug!

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