Gas Prices and Motorcycles


I just go back from filling up my truck with $60 of gas. Ouch. So I thought I’d look at old posts I had about fuel cost savings.

First is that fuel in April 2006 was $2.60, which is more than I thought. Seemed to me out costs had skyrocketed in a year, but they’ve been in this range for over a year. I just paid $2.95/ gallon at Costco for regular unleaded.

Suzuki’s fuel savings numbers have been adjusted since I last looked. They are now look at the cost being $2.90. They also assume 22 MPG, and even my truck make 17 MPG on average. Which is the same as my RX-8.

Not that I’m going to get a motorcycle. There is the danger factor, but there is also just the cost.


  1. Dara Taylor says:

    Most motorcycles are great on gas. My friend has a new Harley, and it gets about 45 mpg. And speaking of Harleys and the guys that ride them,
    I have been reading a lot of good books about bikers lately, and here is a list of 40 books from Amazon that anyone interested may find helpful:

  2. Linoge says:

    Having just moved to California now, I definitely understand. I am trying to figure out how far I would have to ride a bicycle to make it cost-effective against gas prices these days…

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