Waiter Rant – Hard & Soft


Don’t often link to other posts just because I like them. Don’t know why, but here’s one from Waiter Rant. Discussion in a dog park with a cop about a serial killer. Great story to show you that there really is nothing new under the sun.

I’ve been contemplating what I’ve learned in my 42 years lately. One is that you are rarely as smart or wise as you think you are.:) But one of them is every generation thinks their problems are new. Solomon said otherwise 4000 years ago, and it is still true today.

Waiter Rant – which is one of the best story blogs you can read – shows that wackos aren’t a new phenomenon. It has nothing to do with the “new” gun culture in the US. Nothing to do with violent video games. Nothing to do with politics. Its just the human condition.

We like to think that partisan politics is a new phenomenon. That the way Democrats and Republicans hate on each other is worse than it has ever been. Do you not remember that we had presidential candidates dueling each other in the past? And there was a civil war once.