TXDPSA Weekend


I can’t remember the last time I was up at 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning before last Saturday. I ended up driving all over but I went to the Texas XD Pistol Shooter’s Association match. The match was originally suppose to be outdoors at the Impact Zone. And I arrived their the requisite early time, but because of weather we ended up moving to an indoor range back in Houston. So I spent probably 2 hours on the road just trying to get there.

The event is a monthly one focused on shooting the Springfield Armory XD under the USPSA rules. I didn’t ever really understand how the scoring worked, but appearantly my FrontSight training paid off because I did pretty well. According to the results of the February match I finished fourth.

I didn’t think I’d done all that well. I was eliminated in the shoot off one-on-one competition among the new shooters in the first round. And some of those guys were so fast and accurate.

I do have to point out that the one course of fire I shot badly there were special circumstances. I shot most everything with my wife’s XD subcompact, but I went because I wanted to try an XD 45 and see if I was just as accurate with it. So I switched on of the COFs with another shooter. The problem was my magazine holder wouldn’t hold the 45 magazines. So I had to put one of the magazines in a back pocket. When I switched magazines, I couldn’t find the other one for a second or two. Other than that I couldn’t tell a difference shooting the full sized 45.

Still I’m proud of myself for doing so well.