Stand Up And Salute

Christina Aguilera’s music video for Candyman. What really struck me was how well she captured the WWII pinup feel and updated it without losing any thing.

TXDPSA Weekend

I can’t remember the last time I was up at 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning before last Saturday. I ended up driving all over but I went to the Texas XD Pistol Shooter’s Association match. The match was originally suppose to be outdoors at the Impact Zone. And I arrived their the requisite early…

Erica and Her Corvette

Erica K and her husband Josh came back for another shoot a couple of weeks ago. We shot with her red corvette and here’s the results. I have to say these are some of the best images I’ve ever shot right out of the camera. Didn’t stop me from spending 5 hours in Photoshop and…

What Happens After the Gun Fight

I’ve blogged about how to shoot welland what mental preparations you need for a gun fight. Now we need to think about what happens after the fight. There are three main parts I’ll discuss: what happens in your head, what happens when the cops get there, and what happens in the courts. This discussion is…

Moral and Ethical Decisions on the Use of Deadly Force

You have to decide ahead of time when you are going to react with deadly force. There are legal constraints the dictate when you should use your weapon, but it is the moral and ethical decisions that will actually determine when you do. These are my reflections on the lecture I heard at Front Sight….

Valentine’s Day Text Message

My wife sent me this funny text message yesterday and I thought I’d share it. My wife isn’t the e1it3 speaker, but she knows how to shorten those messages. I wanted 2 send u something amazing, sexy, and fine for Valentines Day, but the mailman told me 2 get my ass out of the mailbox.