Honey’s Got a New Gun

Been an incredibly busy weekend. But it started off Friday night with the Mrs and I going back to Gander Mountain in Spring Texas to look at guns again. Remember from my pervious post we spent a hour or more there a couple of weeks back looking at guns and had a short list. Well we were planning on going to a gun show Saturday morning and I wanted to write down the prices Gander was charging to compare.

We get there and it was fairly busy. We talk about little about guns and then ask to see a couple. The guy behind the counter gets them out for us and the Mrs is having her usual trouble with the slide. A couple is standing next to us and they start giving her advice. The woman from the couple makes some suggested based on what she carries. After a couple of minutes the guy from behind the counter looks at the couple and says “Do you just want to clock in?” and they say “Sure”.

Turns out they work there and were just finished buying something else. But they got into helping us and ended up showing us a bunch of guns. The lady suggested a Bersa 380 because of its size. But we need at least a 9mm for FrontSight. A guy standing there suggested the Taurus Millennium, but there weren’t any in the case. So our help salesman went to the back to see if they had any. Came back out with on and with a Springfield Armory XD subcompact. The Mrs really like the little XD and I have to say I liked it as well.

I don’t really like to have to disengage a safety to fire the gun, though people who work in gun stores seem to like lots of safeties. The XD has two external safeties, one on the trigger and one on the back of the stock. So if you don’t pull the trigger back or if you don’t have a grip on the gun, it won’t fire. So I ended up liking it anyway because you don’t have to think about flipping off a safety, but you do get the added safeness.

It comes with two magazines, a 10 round that fits flush to the stock and a 16 round that has a plastic extension of the stock on the bottom. Has a really nice feel with the longer magazine, fixing the fact your hand hangs off the stock.

Haven’t shot it yet, probably do that tonight, but it seems a sweet little gun.

Case came with a sticker “Not for sale in California”. 🙂

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