Is Black Gear A Good Idea?

If you are shopping for gun or survival gear most of it is black. Is that a good idea? I thought about it the first time I dropped my black pocket knife at night. Black is hard to see in the day on a dark background, and its neigh impossible at night.

So as I’ve bought gear I’ve tended to buy what I can in a color that is easy to see.

There is a drawback to gear that is easy to see. It is easy for other people to see as well.

In the very good Tactical Pistol Marksmanship book I’m reading he says your gun should be black because the bad guy can see you if not. But he doesn’t consider you might drop the gun and then not be able to find it. I guess you have to decide which is more likely.

I’m considering trading my Walther P99 9mm for a P99 QA in 40. When I do I have the option of the getting the olive drab version instead of the black and I think that may be a good idea. On one hand the black looks cooler, but the olive would be easier to find if you dropped it, without being to obvious when you are holding it. But it won’t match my clothes. You know black matches everything I wear. 🙂

Something to think about next time you are buying gear you plan on using in a survival situation. Or even in a non-survival situation. How likely are you to have to find this item in the dark? How easy will that be?


  1. AlanDP says:

    I’ve always thought that camouflaged multi-tools are pretty much the height of stupidity. Where I live and sometimes use a multi-tool, if I dropped one of those fancy camo things it would vanish. I’d have to go borrow the metal detector from my dad if I wanted to find it.

  2. Austin Mike says:

    Streamlight G-2 in bright yellow is a flashlight I can find in the dark…. which is the only time I will be looking for it.

  3. Ron says:

    Mike I’ve noticed when you start looking at gear intended for firemen, everything is bright yellow, orange or red. Have to wonder why that is? Because it is easier to find.

    And which kind of situation are we more likely to fine ourselves in a fire/rescue situation or a covert ops tactical one?

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