Texas CHL Holder Killed

I never heard about this and I don’t know why. Supposedly it was carried on national media. David Hernandez Arroyo Sr, a crazy person with a semi-auto AK went to the court house in Tyler, Texas and killed his ex-wife and shot his son. When he did a nearby CHL holder, Mark Wilson, opened fire on him, hitting him once with a Colt 45. Then Wilson sought cover behind Arroyo’s truck. They trade gun fire again, and Wilson hit him again, but realized at this point Arroyo was wearing a bullet proof vest. Arroyo came around the truck and shot Wilson 3 times killing him.

The video came up on Digg today.

The interesting thing to me is the CHL holder isn’t mentioned in the video. Arroyo supposedly mowed down police officers, but only Wilson and the wife were killed.

Does make you think about what you should do. Some would say you shouldn’t get involved, especially when you are out gunned. But that assumes your personal survival is the most important thing. Wilson kept this guy from going on a longer spree, and probably saved the son’s life by intervening.

I read FrontSite’s email special reports and one of the things they teach is to shoot three times, twice to the chest and once to the head. In this case a head shot might have saved Wilson’s life. But as FrontSite also says, under stress you are only half as good as your best day at the range.

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