My Version of Asides

Ben at Open Switch – my new favorite Christian blogger – seems to have started trend with asides. He is at least making it famous because Personified gave him credit for the idea.

Now I like the idea, because I often am surfing and find an article, page or site that is interesting enough for me to want to save and mention, but the post would be really short. I’ve decided I don’t want a lot of short posts. So what to do?

The aside idea put forth by Ben uses a special category that has the asides in it. Since I’m essentially bookmarking these tidbits around the web, I decided to just use my online bookmarks via To make them blog like, I make sure I add a meaningful description to each bookmark.

So if you look at my side bar you’ll see a list of the interesting things I’ve come across on the web, with a short description. If for some strange reason you wanted to subscribe to these, all you have to is use my RSS feed. I’ll add a link to the template to make this more obvious.


  1. Ben says:

    I used to do that exact same thing! You know, you can style them however you want if you’re so inclined.

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  3. Thanks for the post, something to ponder on

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