Blog Theme Changes

Gonna be doing some work on changing my blog theme. I’m going to be switching to Cutline and will need to do some tweaking after it gets up. So if you read this in the next couple of hours, you’ll be seeing changes in process.

UPDATE: Well it is now 11 PM and I’ve got most of the Cutline stuff I wanted done. I don’t like the way the archive page looks. It’s just ugly.

Somethings that changed.

  • I moved my Blogroll to its own page instead of the side bar. And it got top billing in the nav bar.
  • The About Me is now a WordPress Page instead of a post, though it currently has the same content as the old about post.
  • My Favorites in the side bar are just the most important links.
  • My Delicious and Digg links are in the side bar and give you a strong idea of what I’m surfing and saving on the net.
  • The images in the header bar are all mine. But they are the wrong size so I need to go back and edit again, but it is too late.
  • Added a contact form using the Contact Form plugin.
  • Added Adsense ads inside a couple of articles. I’m using the Adsense Deluxe plugin to do it and just added them where I did for testing. I’ll only put them in articles that are longer.

Couldn’t have done this without Tubtorials.