Front Site Opinions?

I’m thinking about getting some training from Front Site sometime early next year and wondered if my gun savvy readers have any opinions on them.

My search of the web has never turned up a negative report on the quality of their training. There has been some controversy over the owner being a scientologist and a class action lawsuit about the community they were suppose to build and didn’t. And they seem to be having problems getting their classrooms up to fire safety spec.

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  1. countertop says:

    Never heard anything bad about the training . . . as you point out the only complaints are about them being scientologists and real estate speculators (or scam artists, depending on the perspective – though I think their hearts were probably in the right place, the market just was never going to respond to what they wanted to do).

    I haven’t been, but a friend in the computer industry goes out there all the time, whenever he’s in Vegas he makes the trek over for a day of gun play.

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