Gun Show this Weekend


Houston’s big gun show is this weekend. Its the HGCA show at the Reliant center. There are a couple of gun purchases I’ve been thinking about.

I’d like to get a 22 pistol for practice. The ammo is cheaper than my 9mm and the gun is easier to handle for new shooters like my boys.

I’d also like a smaller gun for carry purposes. My Walther is just too big and I don’t carry it. I’m thinking something small enough to put in a pocket. I’d like at least a 9mm, so I’m thinking about a Kahr PM9, or Kel Tek PF-9. It is better to have something you will actually carry, than a more powerful something that isn’t with you, so I might go for something with a smaller caliber.

I’m also thinking about a revolver. The drawback is they only have 6 shots, but you seem to be able to get more power in a smaller package. Maybe a 357.

So a gun show is a good place to actually see and handle some guns.


  1. Darkmage says:

    Just something to consider: My wife has a Glock 36. Six round magazine, .45 caliber, easy to conceal.

    Good luck!

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