I Watched CMT Last Night And Liked It


As my wife will tell you I’m not a big fan of Country Music, but last night I was channel surfing and came across the end of a documentary on Johnny Cash. And I saw the promo for the next show and decided to watch it. That show was the Best of Crossroads.

I liked it. It was really cool and I’ve set up a season pass on my TIVO to watch it more.

If you haven’t seen the show they take a country singer/band and hook them up with a rock band/singer. So you get Dolly Parton and Melissa Ethridge singing “Jollene”. Or Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers singing “Ruby” together.

My favorite was Pat Benatar and Martina McBride singing “Independence Day”. Martina was totally in awe. She talked about she would listen to Pat’s music for hours when she was young and that’s how she got her range. And she said it made her cry to see Pat singing her song.

This was the best of, the show may disappoint in the future, but it was fun.