Re: Immigration Issue: Some Facts


A response that started as a comment on the Houston Metro Blog article Immigration Issue:Some Facts but it got too long.

Adrian I hope you feel better after venting, but most of your arguments are strawmen.

The thing that most pisses people off is the idea that a group of people break our laws and then protest against us wanting to enforce them. And right now they are breaking more laws – skipping school – to do the protests.

Not all Hispanics are immigrants

People are not calling on the deportation of every hispanic person in America. They want people who have broken the law to be held accountable. I don’t think it helps you to decide everything is based on race, therefore any non-racist argument is irrelevant.

Illegal Immigrants do not free load on welfare or healthcare

Illegal aliens may be afraid to go to a hospital, but they do. When you are desparate you’ll do what you are afraid of. Your argument doesn’t include the use of services provided to the poor – which are part of the welfare system – that do not require identification.

And you side stepped the educational system. We accept students in to our schools without questioning their citizenship status.

Illegal Immigrants are a drain on the economy because they don’t pay taxes.

Not paying taxes helps the economy, not hurts it. The argument is they don’t pay income tax on the income they do earn like everyone else. This is a problem because again it is against the law. And I don’t like paying income taxes, but I do it anyway and others should too.

America is all Immigrants

America is made up of Immigrants. But the vast majority of those Immigrants played by the rules to get here. It is an indignity to call on them to justify illegal Immigration now.

Culture vs. Citizenship… the kids are waving Mexican flags.

I actually agree with you somewhat. Waving the Mexican flag is just like waving the Irish flag. But it is bad PR for your movement. If they had waved both the American and Mexican flag it wouldn’t have seemed such a big deal. And of course it makes this a Mexican issue and not a Hispanic issue.

The issues isn’t simple and won’t have a simple solution. We need immigration and the current system doesn’t work well. But we also need law and order.

What solution are you offering? Just say everyone who broke the law should be given a pass and made citizens? That’s rubbing people the wrong way.

None of this deals with the issue of national security and a porous Mexican border. If illegal aliens can cross the border, so can foreign terrorists.